Hearing from God…


The promise of the Holy Spirit was given so that the church might carry out the Great Commission given to it by the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have all been commissioned by Jesus as His followers to wait for the power from on High that He had promised them.  He said these signs shall follow them that believe.  Jesus was talking about the spiritual gifts.  They are for winning the lost and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.  The Gifts of the Spirit are to help you fulfill your ministry.

Prophecy is to reveal God’s heart and thought, and will issue forth into one’s life through the many different means prophecy is just one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  There are three main purposes for prophecy:

What is Prophecy?

  1.  Tongues and interpretation equal prophecy.

  2. Prophecy may occasionally include a special ability to tell future events, however instead of being “foretelling of future events”, prophecy is ” forth-telling”. or speaking forth from the heart of God.

  3. Prophecy is to speak out and bring forth a message.

  4. While prophesying you are always led by the Holy Spirit.

  5. This gift is for all believers.

  6. Prophecy is a divinely inspired and anointed utterance given by the Holy Spirit that speaks the Word of the Lord to a person or persons.

  1.  Edification: To instruct, educate and build up the church body.

  2. Exhortation: to encourage and earnestly advice

  3.  Comfort: to soothe and bring comfort.

Other reasons for prophecy include warning, direction, confirmation, averting, and correction.

Why Prophecy must always be judged…

  1.  The prophecy must align itself with the written Word of God.

  2. The Prophecy must be confirmed by the Spirit, which can be revealed by and inward witness.